Certification is a process by which an independent third party such as "LIAF CONTROL" declares that the product complies with the reference regulations.


Inspection Division

Our Inspection process covers the entire supply chain, from primary production, transportation, agribusiness, logistics, storage, dispatch and consolidation of the finished product.



The training is the tool that allows to train the Human Resources needed by the agribusiness. They are the main process of Competencies management. LIAF CONTROL SRL offers training on the requirements of Management Systems, Meats and GMP.



  • Excellence of our management system based on Standards: ISO 9001 - ISO 17065 - ISO 17020
  • Personalized attention, we are a company led by its founding partners
  • Knowledge of the new demands of the market in certification processes
  • We perform our services with talent and knowledge
  • We are constantly looking for quality and excellence


  • Receiving work orders and responding in the shortest time possible
  • Developing and implementing computer platforms that streamline processes
  • Reporting results in real time through our Platform TIS and Platform Meats
  • Adapting to changes
  • Satisfying customer needs


  • Providing solutions to customer demands and responding responsibly for our services
  • Giving confidence
  • Generating added value to your products
  • Evolving to exceed the expectations of our customers
  • Generating commitment in customer relations

Tracking Inspection Service

In order to achieve an operational, agile and quality inspection service, LIAF CONTROL developed the TIS platform so that our clients can follow up in real time each stage of the contracted service, finding information and images of the inspection, control cargo and of the whole service at the same time that it is being carried out.

Because we know the needs of our clients we give the service they demand for the excellence of their businesses.

Plataforma TIS

Our Customers.

  • Frigorífico Friar SA
  • Frigorífico Gorina SAIC
  • Frigorífico Logros SA
  • Frigorífico CIABER (Compañía Bernal SA)
  • Frigorífico Rioplatense SA
  • Frigorífico Frimsa
  • La Anónima
  • Frigorífico Santa Giulia SA
  • Asociación Argentina de Hereford
  • Eurofins Global Control Gmbh
  • Malefu Agropecuaria SRL
  • Carne Hereford SA
  • Carrefour (INC SA)
  • Soyapampa SA
  • Miska SA
  • Agrícola El Horizonte SA
  • Frigorífico Pampa Natural
  • Frigorífico Black Bamboo
  • Ardapez SA
  • Mas Dulce SA
  • Rafaela Alimentos SA
  • Nutrefeed SA
  • C-Dia SRL
  • Procesadora Ganadera Entrerriana SA
  • Frigorífico San José (Productos Porcinos SA)
  • Compañía Sudamericana de Envases SRL (COSDE)
  • Norvas SRL
  • Tambores El Ombú (de Daniel Vita)
  • Tambores Myhura SRL
  • Nortam SRL
  • Tambores IZZO
  • Gaadfra Tambores SRL
  • Seis Erre Alimentos SA
  • Viñas de Alto Salvador SAVAIC
  • Otowil SRL
  • Pipeline Foods LLC